Runners Rewards

You, our runners, make our events, so we want to ensure you get the rewards you deserve for taking part!

That’s why, we’ve introduced a loyalty rewards programme for 2024. So that by your participation at our events, whether it’s running or volunteering, you’re rewarded!

How it works…

Every time to enter one of our events you will earn 50 runner reward points.
Volunteers can also earn 50 race maker reward points.
Redeeming points:

When you have earned…

150 points will earn you 10% off your next Race Entry.
200 points will earn you 15% off next Race Entry.
250 points will earn you 30% off your chosen 100% Recycled Tech T-Shirt.
400 points will earn you Free Entry into a race of your choice.

So the more you run or volunteer your time, the more rewards you’ll earn! What a great incentive to stay fit, enjoy taking part or cheering on your fellow runners – it’s a win, win!

When it comes to redeeming your points it couldn’t be easier! When you’ve reached your chosen amount just head to your Front Runner Events/Eventrac account and hit REDEEM.

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